The primary job of the Pascack Historical Society is to record and dispense accurate historical information to anyone who requests it. It can be a very satisfying job and a very frustrating one at the same time. Often people approach PHS with preconceived ideas (lore and legend) that they wish to have validated about their home, genealogy, personal artifacts, etc. It is very difficult to peel away decades of misinformation and replace it with the truth, but that is the job of the Answer Girl.

Do not hesitate to send any questions you may have about the Society, local history, artifacts, etc. to our Answer Girl. There are two ways to submit your question(s)!

You can mail your question(s) to:
Answer Girl, PHS
P.O. Box 85
Park Ridge, NJ 07656

You can email your question(s) to:
[email protected]


Past Questions

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